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Product Code: LED1000
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Compact System Provides High Quality Leica LED1000 The compact Leica LED1000 illumination system for Leica stereomicroscopes or macroscopes, provides up to 4000 hours of high quality, flicker free and ripple free LED illumination to the specimen. Polarization filter, which eliminates reflections, and other filters are available for specific application requirements. The highly flexible modular system provides ring light, spot light and transmitted light stages, as well as a universal 100-240V power supply. Your Advantages       Polarization filter Polarization filter - consists of polarizer and analyzer and eliminates reflections for high quality imaging. High flexibility Universal power supply from 100-240V – for high flexibility. Variety of solutions Variety of solutions – ring light, spot light and transmitted light stage provides high flexibility for specific applications. LED illumination LED illumination – provides up to 4000 hours of bright light and saves time and costs on replacement bulbs.         Ideal for documentation Flicker free, ripple free illumination – ideal for documentation with DFC cameras  
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