Image Pro Insight Software

Image Pro Insight Software
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Image-Pro Insight, the latest image analysis software from Media Cybernetics, offers a wide range of tools for capturing and analyzing images.  Unlike most imaging systems, which require extensive training, Image-Pro Insight was designed for quick startup and ease of use.  As the next generation replacement for Image-Pro Express, Image-Pro Insight offers a sleek new user interface, and offers intelligent new features, such as combined Live Tiling and Live EDF [Extended Depth of Field], live measurements, automatic calibration, and reporting tools   Image‐Pro Insight Features Capture  Single frame capture Time lapse capture TWAIN Acquisition Scan Saturation Warning Auto White Balance Dynamic Auto‐Range Dynamic Auto‐Exposure Auto File Naming Date/Time Stamp Options Crosshair Grid Overlay Live Preview Overlay ‐ Grid Live EDF Live Tiling Process / Analyze  Align images ROI ROI Inverse (Donut ROI) Resize Canvas Annotate Background subtract/correct Background from points Bit‐depth conversion Color Composite Color Tint Right Click ‐ RGB Color Tint Right Click ‐ RGB & White Color Convert Color Extract Color Merge Convert Image Convert Image to Floating Point Color Dye list / image tinting Extended depth of field (EDF) Filters ‐ Enhancement/Edge Process / Analyze cont.  Filters ‐ Morphological Filters ‐ Kernels Filters ‐ 3D Histogram Image Operations Image Overlay Image Overlay ‐ Resizable/Transparent Pseudo‐Color Segmentation from Histogram Segmentation from Color Cube Sequence Annotation ‐ All Frames Sequence Difference & Average Sequence File Merge Sequence Filters Sequence Gallery Surface Plot Trace ‐ Auto & Manual Measure  Calibrate ‐ Auto from Micrometer Calibrate ‐ Intensity Calibrate ‐ Spatial Calibration Marker ‐ Auto Apply Calibration Marker ‐ One Click Apply Calibration Marker ‐ No Text Option Intensity Analysis Intensity calibration Lens list mgmt. Line Profile ‐ Basic Line Profile ‐ Multiple Lines/Shapes Line Profile ‐ Advanced/Measurements Measure ‐ Manual Tag Measure ‐ Line Measure ‐ Point to Point Measure cont.  Measure ‐ Pitch Line Measure ‐ Rectangle Measure ‐ Circle Measure ‐ Polygon Measure ‐ Polyline Measure ‐ Angle Measure ‐ Best Fit Line Measure ‐ Best Fit Circle Measure ‐ Best Fit Arc Measure Distance ‐ Between Centers Measure Distance ‐ Minimum Measure Distance ‐ Maximum Measure Distance ‐ Angle between lines Measure ‐ Live Measurements Measure ‐ Snap to Edge Measurements Measurement Data Table Measurement Data Table – Interactive Usability / Sharing  Clone Active Window Duplicate / Crop Full Screen Mode Licensing ‐ Soft License Local Zoom Object viewer Reload original image option Report & Share  Save as Movie Save Image with Overlays Save Zoomed View With Overlays Sync pan and scroll General App/Platform Features Auto‐update File I/O Full screen display File Format Support  TIFF (tif, tiff, seq) JPEG (jpg, jpeg) JPEG2000 (jp2, jpf) AVI (avi) BMP (bmp) PNG file Image‐Pro Sequence Files (seq)
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