MF-1020TH Built-in Linear Scales

MF-1020TH Built-in Linear Scales
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Product Code: MF-1020TH Built-in Linear Scales
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Features: High accuracy digital scale(resolution 1µm/0.5µm)is employed on Z-axis of TH type.   Aperture diaphragm reflected illumination is employed as standard feature, it is the first time in this class. Rotary table on measuring table as standard accessory Selections of CCD color monitor, video printer, photomicrography and digital camera for marking visual image. Image Observation: Erect Maximum Magnification: 2000X Measuring Range: Maximum 300 x 100mm Maximum Measuring Height: 150mm Accuracy: (3+0.02L) um L: Measuring length (mm) Mass: 50 – 83kg MF- 510 TH: 4 X 2 Linear Encoded Stage MF-1020 TH: 8 x 4 Linear Encoded Stage MF-1030 TH: 12 x 4 Linear Encoded Stage
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