MFU SERIES Ultra Long Working Distance

MFU SERIES Ultra Long Working Distance
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Product Code: MFU SERIES Ultra Long Working Distance
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Features: Incorporating high accuracy digital scale (resolution 1µm/0.5µm) on Z-axis included as standard equipment.   Plan APO Long Working Distance High Resolution Objectives Surface observation by bright field, bright/dark field, polarized light, differential interference. Two types (power and manual) of revolver is provided. Aperture diaphragm for transmitted illumination included as standard equipment. Rotary table equipped as standard With the large sized fine adjustment handle, speedy measurement can be made. Selections of CCD color monitor, video printer, digital cameras etc. are available to build up visual image system. Image Observation: Erect Maximum Magnification: 4000x Measuring Range: Maximum 300 x 100mm Maximum Measuring Height: 150mm Accuracy (20º C) (3+0.02L) um L: Measuring Length (mm) Mass: 51 84kg MF-U505: 2 X 2 Micrometer Stage MF-U510: 4 X 2 Linear Encoded Stage MF-U1020: 8 X 2 Linear Encoded Stage MF-U1030: 12 X 4 Linear Encoded Stage
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