Leica DM100

Leica DM100
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Entry-Level Classroom Microscope for the next generation of Scientists Leica DM100





The Leica DM100 entry-level compound microscope is designed to be robust and student-friendly for biology and 2-4 year college life science classrooms.

Ideal for the first-time scientist, this sturdy and easy to use fixed stage microscope is the result of Leica Microsystems’ 165 years of microscope design and manufacturing experience to allow studentsto observe the finest details in their life science studies.

Classroom Microscope



Your Advantages

Maintenance free Bright Illumination

Maintenance free

Maintenance free, sealed, brass shaft, focus mechanism; the same design that is used in our Clinical Microscopes provides accurate focusing control over the life of the microscope.

Bright Illumination

Leica EZLite™ LED illumination saves the cost of replacement lamps and provides a cool white light for over 20 years of average use at 80% lower energy consumption.



Easy to Use Disc Diaphragm Fixed Stage

Easy to Use Disc Diaphragm

The disc diaphragm is color coded to match the color ring on the objective which insures the student will set the diaphragm properly and get the best quality from the optics.

Fixed Stage

The fixed stage with spring loaded stage clips (included), is perfect for accurate manual manipulation of the specimen slide under the objective.

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