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There Is More to Opti-Tech Than Meets The Eye

The same, however, can be said about microscopes. 

There is an undeniable curiosity in humankind; we see it in our everyday lives. Whether it is as simple as finding out where a new road would lead, as massive as attempting to understand the effect of a black hole in the universe, or even the nanoworld, otherwise hidden by our limited vision.

Buehler Celebrating 100 Years of Hardness

Buehler’s Test Block Lab

This year Buehler has been celebrating its 100 years of Wilson Hardness. They are even putting on Wilson Hardness Days in October to showcase testers, calibration, and more over two days. Following this trend, Buehler wanted to reveal more about their Reference Block Lab in Birmingham, New York. Want to know more? Read below: Congrats, …

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Leica DMS 1000

Is a Magnification of 20,000 Times Really Useful With Digital Microscopy?

Digital microscopes have only a camera for image observationand no eyepieces. Microscopes with eyepieces for visualobservation, such as stereo microscopes, can also be equippedwith digital cameras. Both types of microscope are used for avariety of technical applications in many different fields andindustries. To evaluate the performance of an optical microscope, knowingits highest achievable magnification is …

Is a Magnification of 20,000 Times Really Useful With Digital Microscopy? Read More »

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