International Beer Day is August 7th this year. So to celebrate we wanted to talk about beer in a different way. Sure, we all know that amber liquid and how each one tastes diverse in its own way. A good beer is something to behold. Although, scientifically you can break down each ingredient and look at the hops or the barley or yeast. We, at Opti-Tech, thought it would be interesting to see what beer looks like under a microscope.

This trend started with BevShots who create “unaltered photographs of beverages that have been crystallized and viewed under a polarized light microscope.” They don’t just do pictures of beer if you are interested in their art for your office, check out The trend continued with Beer Shots who also have a wide array of beer pictures and even a screen saver!

So these next pictures might seem a little psychedelic, a little bright and colourful, but each one is as unique as they taste. 

Viking Beer

Name: Viking Beer

Country of Origin: Iceland

Description: brewed using pure Icelandic water, malt, maize, sugar and hops



London Pride

Name: Fuller’s London Pride Traditional English Beer

Country of Origin: England

Description:  has a malty base with well-developed hop flavours from many varieties of hops




Name: Tsingtao

Country of Origin: China

Description: brewed from domestically-grown hops, imported Australian yeast and barley, and spring water from the Laoshan mountain area




Name: Tiger

Country of Origin: Singapore

Description: brewed using choice water, hops, yeast, and malted barley




Name: Heineken

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Description: brewed using German hops, malts, and a unique strain of yeast




Name: Steinlager

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Description: brewed from green bullet hops to produce a distinctive grassy note with a clean, crisp, bitter taste



Taiwan Beer

Name: Taiwan Beer

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Description: brewed with locally produced rice




Name: Labatt’s Blue Canadian Pilsener

Country of Origin: Canada

Description: brewed from aromatic German hops, Canadian water, yeast, and barley



Singha Lager

Name: Singha Lager

Country of Origin: Thailand

Description: a distinct hop aroma and flavour, fairly malty character, and a fairly bitter taste



Sapporo Draft

Name: Sapporo Draft

Country of Origin: Japan

Description: a crisp, refined flavour and a clean finish




Name: Guinness

Country of Origin: Ireland

Description: a rich, dark beer with a hoppy malt taste, severely bitter and malty aftertaste with an intensely bitter finish



Royal Extra

Name: Royal Extra Stout

Country of Origin: Trinidad

Description: brewed to have a distinctively sweet and full-bodied taste



San Miguel

Name: San Miguel

Country of Origin: Phillippines

Description: a sweet aroma, medium body with a smooth moderate bitterness, and a clean palate



Name: Ngoma Malt Liquor Awooyo Special

Country of Origin: Togo, Africa

Description: has hop bitterness blended with toasted malt followed by a dry aftertaste but very smooth and rich



Polar Pilsner

Name: Polar Pilsner

Country of Origin: Venezuela

Description: brewed from a mix of malted barley and cereal flakes (I wonder what kind of cereal flakes?)



Efes Pilsner

Name: Efes Pilsener Premium Beer

Country of Origin: Turkey

Description: strong, distinctive taste comes from malt and hops grown in Turkey



Moretti Birra Fruilana

Name: Moretti Birra Friulana

Country of Origin: Italy

Description: lager, light coloured and straw produced using rennet apples from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, with alcohol content 5.9% vol.




Name: Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer

Country to Origin: Canada

Description: a light-bodied and highly refreshing golden lager



Dragon Stout

Name: Dragon Stout

Country to Origin: Jamaica

Description:  a sweet, nutty, smooth flavour




Name: Molson Canadian Beer

Country of Origin: Canada

Description: brewed using crystal clear water, choice hops and malted barley to produce a beer with a clear, crisp taste




Name: Miller Genuine Draft

Country of Origin: US

Description: brewed with a patented filtering process that gives it a smooth drinkability



Dos Equis

Name: Dos Equis Special Lager

Country of Origin: Mexico

Description: has a soft golden aromatic taste of a lager beer



Lowenbrau Zurich

Name: Lowenbrau Zurich (not to be confused by Germany’s Lowenbrau Premium Pilsener)

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Description: brewed with choice hops, barley malts, yeast, and water



Name: Corona Extra (Looks nothing like the virus under the microscope does it?)

Country of Origin: Mexico

Description: uses the purest water, finest malt and best hops to create a smooth beer



Name: Coors

Country of Origin: US

Description: Brewed using high country barley, malts, premium hops, Rocky Mountain water, and a unique brewing process




Name: Castlemaine XXXX Export Lager

Country of Origin: Australia

Description: Brewed from a blend of two hop varieties and a tangy yeast



Name: Carlsberg Beer

Country of Origin: Denmark

Description: a clean, crisp, full-bodied and distinctively smooth taste



Name: Budweiser

Country of Origin: US

Description: Brewed by our original all-natural process using the choicest Hops, Rice and Best Barley Malt



Name: Belhaven Scottish Ale

Country of Origin: Scotland

Description: a fully rounded ale is brewed using a variety of malts and choice hops



Name: Beck’s

Country of Origin: Germany

Description: a spicy hop aroma, malt grain and caramel sweetness, similar to their signature smooth and pronounced bitterness



Did you know what these beers were under the microscope? If so, which ones? Do you have a favourite beer that is here or did we not share what your favourite looks like? We hope you all enjoy International Beer Day and remember if you do decide to drink to celebrate, do so safely. Cheers!