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AutoMet™ 250 Pro Grinder-Polisher

The AutoMet line of grinder and polisher machines are built for demanding production lab environments. The AutoMet 250 Pro is complete with color touchscreen controls and is designed for manual or automated sample preparation. Simplicity is balanced with versatility to accommodate many applications. The AutoMet 250 Pro is built with durable construction for reliability in high use environments, unique quick cleaning features, and plenty of enhancements for user friendly operation.

Machine can be equipped with automated dispenser programmability for additional cost savings and highly reproducible results.

Advanced programming makes advanced functionality easy

  • Color touchscreen controls add functionality needed for advanced methods such as Z-axis material removal by depth and method creation/storage.
  • Quickly swipe between method steps for easy process setup.
  • Compatible with automated dispenser for additional cost savings and highly reproducible results.

Cleaning is simpler than ever

  • Rinse and Spin function makes cleaning fast and easy at the touch of a button.
  • Retractable water hose enables quick rinsing.
  • Bowl liners keep the bowl clean.

Choose the best format for the labs needs

  • 8″ and 10″ platen size choice optimizes the cost of paper and diamond when a larger unit isn’t required.

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