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Mitutoyo HR-521 (L) /523 (L) Series 810-Rockwell Type Hardness Testing Machines

Series 810


  1. Multiple test force generation for
    Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial and Brinell hardness.
  2. Dolphin-nose indenter arm for easy reach of interior (min. ø40mm/ø22mm*) and exterior surfaces. *When using an optional diamond indenter (19BAA292).
  3. Real time electronic test force control for accurate loading. This perfectly eliminates load force overshooting.
  4. Indenter escape function for continuous testing at fixed table position. This eliminates instability caused by the table retraction.
  5. Auto-stop elevation table and automatic preliminary test force loading to provide stable test force generation.
  6. Complete with one flat and VEE anvil, diamond and 1/16” carbide ball indenters, 2 HRC and 1 HRBW Rockwell test blocks and an HR30N and HR30TW test block.
Technical Data:
  • Preliminary test force: 29.42N, 98.07N
    Test force
  • Rockwell superficial: 147.1, 294.2, 441.3N
  • Rockwell: 588.4, 980.7, 1471N
  • Brinell*: 61.29, 98.07, 153.2, 245.2, 294.2,306.4, 612.9, 980.7, 1226, 1839N
  • Test force setting: By control unit
  • Load control: Automatic (loading, duration, unloading)
  • Load duration: 0s – 120s (1s increments)
  • Max. specimen height: 205mm (for standard flat anvil)
  • Max. specimen depth: 150mm (from the center of indenter shaft)
  • Stage elevation: Manual or power drive
  • Control unit: Sheetswitch type or touch screen type
  • Data output: RS-232C, Digimatic code (SPC) and Centronics
  • Power supply: 120V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • Main unit: 250 x 670 x 605mm
  • Control unit: 165 x 260 x 105mm

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