Rotary Reactor Tube Furnace – HTR

The HTR rotating furnaces combine in a laboratory scale unit many of the advantages of a fluidised bed reactor with those of a rotary kiln.

The sample is simultaneously heated and mixed under a controlled atmosphere. This overcomes the longer reaction times required in standard chamber or tube furnaces.

Standard features

  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature
  • Developed in partnership with the Imperial College of Science & Technology, London
  • Carbolite Gero 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer
  • Heating is provided by long life, rapid heating, resistance wire elements mounted in rigid, half cylindrical vacuum formed insulation modules
  • Quartz reaction vessel included as standard
  • The fluted internal surface of the reactor ensures good mixing as the variable speed electric drive system oscillates the reactor tube through 315 °
  • A positive break safety interlock switch cuts power to the elements when the heating chamber is open
  • Gas enters the reactor through a flexible silicon rubber tube
  • A 30 mm flow meter calibrated for nitrogen is provided
  • A single seal gasket directs the reactor exhaust into a removable stainless steel exhaust box from where a gas outlet allows piping to an extraction system

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation)
  • Single or multiple flow meters calibrated for different gases
  • Hydrogen detectors & gas safety system
  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications
  • Optional inconel reactor



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