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FREE ICC50 W Digital Camera Promotion

Promotion: Free ICC50 E or ICC50 W Camera Dates: End: March 31, 2020 (order entered) The Offers: When you purchase 24 or more of the following:
  1. DM500 (13613206/ 13613200/ 13613215)
  2. DM750 (13613006/ 13613001/ 13613002/ 13613004/ 13613010/ 13613011/ 13613012/ 13613013/ 13613014/ 13613015/ 13613016/ 13613017)
  3. DM750 P (13613606/ 13613615)
Receive an ICC50 W (13613735) Digital Camera for Free, when you purchase 24 or more of these microscopes.
  • Support: Standard product support is available. NEW two-year warranty for Digital Microscope Cameras.
  • Rules & Restrictions: Offer expires on March 31, 2020. Offer valid in Canada through Opti-Tech Scientific Inc. direct sales representatives and participating dealers. Offer may not be available in all areas. Offer can be used multiple times on a single order if all promotional criteria are met per usage. Additional restrictions apply.
  • Minimum Purchase Requirement: The minimum purchase for this offer is a quantity of 24 or more microscopes. Minimum order of $17,500.

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