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Received a Leica IC90 Camera for Free with the Purchase of Leica M series with Ergo Accessories

Precise and Reproducible Results for Repeated Examinations/Measurements

Every person is different – that's why microscope workstations need to be adaptable, especially when they’re shared by multiple users. With the Leica M series you can easily adapt your stereo microscopes to seamlessly fit multiple users. Ergonomic accessories help microscope operators to work comfortably even if they spend the entire day on the microscope.

Leica routine stereomicroscopes combine Leica's legendary optical quality and smart ergonomic solutions to increase productivity. Fill out the form today to find out about our FREE Leica IC90 Camera that comes with the purchase of Leica M series with Ergo Accessories. The 10-megapixel camera allows you to view samples both on screen and through the microscope's binocular tube.

Whether the work requires a variety of illumination types, a wide selection of objectives, or a swinging-arm stand, Leica Microsystems has a solution for you. The large working distance and brilliant imaging power show the finest details of your specimens without losing the field of view over large workpieces. Furthermore, the ergonomic accessories add the following advantages:

  • Adjustable viewing heights ensure that shoulder and neck muscles are not strained.
  • ErgoTubes promote an upright sitting position by bridging the gap between the microscope and the users’ eyes - especially important for tall users.
  • ErgoModules bring the eyepieces of the microscope closer to the operator by inserting a wedge below the eyepieces to promotes an upright posture.

* Terms and Conditions

*Offer expires June 28, 2019.  Additional restrictions apply. Applicable on the following configuration: 10450294/10450155, 10450630, 10450252, 10450159, and 10446123.

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