Abrasive Vises For Sectioning

Vising is a critical component to efficient sectioning. Buehler’s abrasive vise offering for abrasive cutting machines provides reliable and versatile clamping options that ensure the sample is secure and properly presented for sectioning.

Fast Clamping:

  • Toolless clamping mechanisms provide fast and secure installation of the vises in the cutting chamber. Simple handle rotation to tighten the clamping plates against the sample.

Durable Designs for Harsh Environments:

  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and ensures secure clamping even in the harsh cutting environment.

Versatile Clamping Options:

  • Multiple V-grooves on clamping plates provide secure clamping on parts of varying sizes and shapes.
  • Clamping kits with supports, risers, and V-blocks provide customizable solutions for clamping nearly any part.

Buehler 2021 Product Catalog


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