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Standard software solutions for Opto’s imaging modules for the automation of biomedical and industrial processes.

Opto develops software for their imaging modules and for us as an OEM partner. Custom solutions can be built to meet a variety of needs and funcationality

Hardware and software from one source with over 40 years of experience in industry and biology.

Applications for more and more tasks are available.

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With every Imaging Module, there comes the free OptoViewer. It allows for easily install the Camera, drives the different light sources and includes many additional functions

Image processing plugins to solve special tasks. Merging image modules with measurement and image analysis software into intelligent plug & play “job to be done” modules.

Design a customized software solutions for motion control, light control, autofocus, object tracking as well as memory management and big data analysis.

Solino is Opto’s Software for Computational Imaging with Surface Analysis, Image Acquistion, and Computation of Particular Images Feature Extract.

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