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Inverted Compound Microscopes

Leica Microsystems’ inverted microscopes have been specifically designed to meet the high demands of life science, material science, and industrial applications.

Inverted for Life Science

Advanced imaging solutions are essential for cutting-edge life science research, particularly for live cell or tissue culture applications. Leica inverted microscopes are a high-performance option that can help you take your research to the next level. With easy-to-use software, high-resolution digital cameras, and exceptional LED illumination, these microscopes are flexible enough to meet your laboratory needs.

Inverted for Materials Science and Manufacturing

Efficiently perform materials inspection and analysis with the help of Leica modular inverted microscopes. With high-performance optics, intuitive controls, and easy-to-use software, extensive training is not necessary, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

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The DMi1 Inverted Microscope is a great choice for entry-level cell culture studies. It’s easy-to-use interface and comfortable handling make it a reliable addition to any cell culture laboratory. 


Stay ahead of the competition with the customizable Leica DMi8 M/C/A Inverted Microscope for Industry. Its superior optical quality and user-friendly software make it easy to streamline your workflow.

The DMi8 S enables easy live-cell research by monitoring single-cell development, screening multiple assays, achieving single-molecule resolution, and analyzing complex processes.

The Leica DM IL LED microscope is ideal for cell culture, immunostained specimen documentation, and live cell examinations with great optics and ergonomic design.

Inspect and measure industrially with the Leica DM ILM microscope. Its optics provide clear images with high resolution and contrast in various lighting modes.

Digital transmitted light microscope for easy routine cell check and consistent confluency evaluation

If you’re looking to conduct advanced 3D cell culture assays on stem cells, spheroids, or organoids, THUNDER Imagers can provide the solution you need.

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