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Preventative Maintenance

Effective maintenance requires periodic, predictive, and preventative measures. Our service team understands that neglecting mission-critical equipment can lead to unexpected downtime and higher repair expenses. To avoid these issues, we emphasize the importance of Preventative Maintenance. Let’s discuss how this can benefit you.

Periodic. Predictive. Preventative.

A Preventative Maintenance Plan is a Must-Have for Mission-Critical Equipment

When budgeting for new equipment, it’s essential to factor in maintenance and downtime costs. Failing to do so can lead to inaccurate Return on Investment (ROI) and Pay Back Period (PBP) estimates. To predict your equipment’s actual lifespan and residual value, it’s crucial to estimate real-life costs accurately.

Budgeting for downtime and maintenance is a must for mission-critical laboratories, production lines, and projects. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping equipment operational. Neglecting maintenance can result in higher repair costs, longer downtime, and lost productivity, costing laboratories more than a preventive maintenance program for a year.

If you have mission-critical equipment, it’s crucial to have a preventive maintenance plan. Doing so reduces the risk of unnecessary disruptions to your tasks or production and ensures that your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Estimated gain from each dollar invested formula: ROI = Net Income/Cost of Investment

Estimated time before the equipment has paid for itself: PBP = (Cost of Investment/Annual Cash Flows).

The investment cost is at the heart of the equation in the above formulas. *

*Julie King – Purchasing Industrial Equipment: Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI)

Preventative Maintenance visits can reduce the risk of breakdowns by up to 20%, reducing unscheduled downtime and contribute towards extending the equipment lifetime.

What does Microscopy Preventative Maintenance Include?

Our microscopy service team performs preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment is in good working condition and operating safely. Our microscopy preventative maintenance can include the following:

  • inspection and testing
  • regular equipment calibration (if needed)
  • cleaning
  • lubrication
  • minor alignment or adjustment to optical and mechanical components

What does Metallographic Sample Preparation Equipment Preventative Maintenance Include?

Preventative maintenance ensures consistent equipment performance and extends its lifetime while reducing risk production downtime and costly repairs. Each preventative maintenance is different for each piece of equipment. Our metallographic sample preparation equipment preventative maintenance can include the following:

  • general cleaning of your machine
  • all wear parts will be changed as needed
  • thorough mechanical inspection and adjustment
  • electronic calibration to factory specifications

Fewer Failures. Improved Safety. Uninterrupted Operation.
Peace of mind and the best results!

To maximize machine performance and prevent damage, it’s best to start a preventative maintenance program as soon as possible, even while the machine is still under warranty. Waiting too long to implement maintenance can lead to wear and tear on important parts. By consistently maintaining your machine throughout its lifespan, you’ll ensure it’s running at its best and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Schedule your annual Preventative Maintenance with our Service Team.

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