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Upright Compound Microscopes

Leica Microsystems’ upright microscopes offer customizable features with brilliant, cool LED illumination, ergonomic accessories, sophisticated digital cameras and efficient examination for various applications.

Leica Microsystems offers a customizable upright microscope for Life Science research. Their imaging systems provide high contrast, stunning images with natural light illumination and superior optics.

Get the publication-quality imaging and customizable upright microscope solution you need for your research. These powerful imaging systems feature constant color, natural light illumination, superior optics, and configurable options to provide high contrast and brilliant images.

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Enhance productivity with Leica DM4 B and DM6 B microscopes, ideal for biomedical research and clinical labs. Streamline your work and boost efficiency.

The Leica DM4 M and DM6 M are ergonomic and automated industrial microscopes suitable for both beginners and experts in microscopy.

The Leica DM6 FS microscope with fixed stage is perfect for electrophysiology and in vivo imaging, and it can help you tackle your current and future challenges effectively.

The LIBS Microscope Solution quickly analyzes a material’s chemical structure using microscopy and Integrated Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.

There are three polarization microscopy systems to choose from: Leica DM4 P, Leica DM2700 P (manual), and Leica DM750 P (educational). Choose based on your application.

If you’re looking for a microscope for life sciences education, you can choose from monocular, binocular, or trinocular options. The microscope comes with either 4 achromat or plan-achromat objectives.

This is a binocular educational microscope designed for life science students. It features four infinity-corrected plan-achromat objectives and the capability for fluorescence.

This is an educational microscope with binocular lenses designed for postdoctoral researchers in life science. It features 4 or 5 infinity-corrected or HI plan-achromat objectives and has fluorescence capability.

The DM750 M is a binocular materials microscope that is ideal for use in education, basic metallography, and forensics education.

This microscope has a uniquely ergonomic system and advanced capabilities, including fluorescence, which make it ideal for complex tasks.

Meet the Leica DM1000 LED microscope. It has an ergonomic design and long-lasting LED lights that emit bright, consistent illumination with less heat.

The Leica DM1750 M is a material microscope that provides quick and precise analysis results, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Optics and contrast techniques to meet challenging application needs—one with halogen lighting and the other with LED.

Ergonomic microscopes for routine and research with advanced accessories, perfect for life science tasks needing differential interference contrast or fluorescence.

The Upright Materials Microscope Leica DM2700 M is great for routine inspections in metallography, earth science, forensics, and materials research. 

Discover the Leica DM3000 and DM3000 LED microscopes with a unique ergonomic design and intelligent automation system.

The Leica DM8000 M is an advanced inspection and review system that can handle high throughput tasks on 8-inch materials.

The Leica DM12000 M is a 12-inch inspection and review system known for its precision.

Get precise isolation of cells or tissue areas with the Leica LMD6 & LMD7 Laser Microdissection Microscopes.

The Leica FS4000 LED microscope is a user-friendly forensic comparison microscope with LED illumination and ergonomic design.

Leica Microsystems’ FS CB comparison microscope has motorized features for forensic analysis. It can precisely select and compare samples such as hair, fibres, paint, and trace materials.

Looking for a comparison macroscope to examine forensic evidence? Check out the FS C & FS M models! These macroscopes offer precise and reliable results.

The Leica FS M Manual Forensic Comparison Macroscope is a tool used for manual forensic comparison such as firearms and toolmarks.

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