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Solino Software

The Opto Solino™ Imaging Module is a complete computational imaging vision sensor that uses Opto’s Solino technology to display object anomalies as an image for further digital or statistical processing. With a 10x12mm field of view, it is perfect for:

  • Forensic investigations
  • Quality assurance on stray surfaces
  • Anomaly detection for 100% control

The display of object anomalies as images enables unprecedented security in detecting surface defects during quality control. Solino enables:

  • Optimal representation of defects on weakly reflective surfaces (black on black, plastics, etc.)
  • Stray light insensitive, repeatable display of surface defects that are difficult to display
  • Depending on the type of defect, the image processing can be adapted and displayed with 100% repeatability
  • The solino® Imaging Module can be easily integrated and automated in any QA environment
  • We offer programming support for special tasks around the solino surface analysis technology to optimize the test process.

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Solino™ visualizes ALL existing anomalies of your product

What does solino™ do? It detects ALL Anomalies as a visual appearance event

Who needs solino™?  Where final QC is critical

Why is solino™ better than other technologies?  It finds Defects beyond the limit of Human Perception

What is my ROI with solino™?  100% less returns 100% QC possible; 100% QC and Process Control possible

The Image acquisition is robust to ambient Light conditions and a variation of Light intensity per Image. Solino™ works with multiple Light sources and positions that are calibrated to each other. The input images will be processed through their Solino® filters to show, analyze or detect Anomalies defined by the customer.

solino™ is able

  • to disrupt the way of making the QC of products
  • to digitize the human perception of products
  • to find Anomalies not even humans find
  • to find ALL Anomalies on the surface
  • to increase the Pixel Resolution
  • to predict Product failure (Predictive Maintenance)

solino™ is not

  • developed for line scan applications
  • a direct 3D Measurement tool
  • a strict Photometric Stereo Imaging Device

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Solino™ is a way of interpreting image data in analyzing its stray response instead of the image itself.

A multi-LED dome illumination enables directional, calibrated light beam angles and thus generates scattered light that is analyzed and processed into Solino® images.

Extraction of features of relevant information in Solino® images for further processing of high-contrast defect information

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