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Measuring Microscopes

The measuring microscopes from Mitutoyo deliver the highest performance and accuracy in their class, enabling reduced part variation and measurement time. With automated focus capabilities and a wide range of available objectives, these instruments enhance practically any manufacturing quality control process.

Best-in-Class Performance

Our industry-leading microscopes bring greater measuring speed, accuracy and reliability to a wide variety of optical measurement applications. Use our standard and universal measuring microscopes to harness one-click edge measurement and high-speed autofocus, or choose our toolmaker’s microscopes for powerful angle measurement with adjustable magnification levels.
  • High-speed automated focus function
  • Vision unit for one-click edge measurement
  • Quick-release function
  • Variable illumination intensity
  • Adjustable magnification and wide range of available objectives

Manual Focus Measuring Microscopes (MF)

High Accuracy 2 Axis Measuring Microscope
The MF measuring microscopes provide the best-in-class accuracy. The MF series microscopes use telecentric objectives that reduce the magnification error due to slight variations in the working distance.

High Powered Brightfield Multi-function Measuring Microscopes (MF-U)

High Powered 2-Axis Brightfield Multi-Function Measuring Microscope

The MF-U series 2-axis measuring microscope gives operators brightfield observation and a wide field of view. The microscope’s ultra-long working distance provides the ability to observe larger objects with detail for added flexibility. The MF-U offers microscopy methods such as polarization and differential interference contrast.


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