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Optical Microscopes

Our microscopes and microscope accessories meet the highest demands, whatever the application. From routine laboratory work to the highest level of research.

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Digital Microscopes

Digital microscopes use a digital camera as a detector instead of eyepieces. Images are displayed on a screen, creating an ergonomic digital workstation.


Macroscopes utilize a high level of apochromatic zoom and top-quality optics, providing exceptional operational ease for users.

Inverted Compounds

The Leica inverted microscopes have a modular design that allows for a customized setup to fit a specific application.

Obtain the necessary imaging and customized upright microscope solution for your research. These imaging systems offer constant colour, natural light illumination, superior optics, and configurable options for high contrast and brilliant images.

Stereo Microscopes

Leica Microsystems provides customized stereo and macro microscopes for research, industry, medicine, and education, ensuring exceptional optics and convenient operation.


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