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Advanced Digital Imaging Modules

Opto GmbH has been developing and manufacturing compact imaging modules for industry and medical technology for over 40 years.

Both Opto and Opti-Tech profoundly understands the nature of optics, and their advanced features are at the core of their capabilities. With over 40 years of experience developing optical solutions for advanced imaging applications, we have refined a comprehensive knowledge of what optics can achieve. 

Opto supports device developers and OEMs such as Opti-Tech Scientific – from prototype to series production. Using Opto’s Advanced Digital Imaging Modules, Opti-Tech develops highly efficient optical solutions across a variety of industries that balances economy with performance, solving customer’s unique problems and challenges in seeing and quantifying what is beyond their sight.

The Opti-Tech Scientific Commitment

We deliver the highest quality solutionsto suit your unique needs with the Opto line of Advanced Imaging Modules.

Opto’s over 40 years of experience developing optical solutions for advanced imaging applications and knowledge enables them to develop highly efficient optical solutions that balance economy with performance. 

Check out some of the unique solutions below!


For the Test & Measurement and Life Science & Medical markets, Opto has developed special imaging modules with unique functionality and special software solutions to have the right solution for your application.

The one imaging module for the one task.

The applications of the Opto Imaging Modules are virtually endless. They fit into any machine or laboratory thanks to their easy handling and compact and robust design. There is an imaging module to suit every application, whether for high-speed imaging tasks with industrial image evaluation or pure quality assurance tasks.


The Opto Imaging Modules are available with integrated, diffuse LED ring light illumination in fixed and segmented version and a coaxial incident LED. Within the different form factors many magnifications, working distances and optical contrast techniques are available. USB3.0 versions or GigE versions for machine builders and integrators.


  • SMD inspection
  • Image based hardness testing
  • Crimp analysis
  • Quality & Control Needs
  • Documentation units
  • Industry 4.0 sensor solutions
  • Overview and detail digital zoom



  • Grain & structure analysis of metals
  • Predictive maintenance of production processes
  • Quality control of mechanical parts
  • Damage evaluation of metal malfunction



  • Imaging Module compact•M (MVM)
  • Small Footprint with (optional) portable stand and case
  • Easy to use and free software OptoViewer 2.0 
  • Ring- and coaxial illumination integrated
  • Direct measurement without calibration
  • USB one cable solution


Advantages for you

  • Pure all-in-one digital microscope
  • Micrometer/pixel resolution with large FoV
  • High contrast and colour stability
  • Open SW architecture
  • Repeatability of image 
  • Easy machine integration
  • Bright and darkfield in one unit


For BioMed applications, the transmitted light modules with 5x, 10x and 20x in the profile·M design is ideal. All ultra-compact modules come with the free OptoViewer and are programmable with many standard software packages. That makes them universal for scientific R&D needs and high throughput screening solutions. For microscopy automation needs, Opto offers its own OEM BioScreen platform for multi-fluorescence imaging, motorized X-Y-Z hardware and autofocus functionality.


  • Slide screening of Pathology biopsies
  • Blood / Urine analysis of smears or inflow
  • IVF for visualizing Embryos
  • Low-contrast biomaterial microscopy
  • Microfluidic, Flow Cytometry Image processing
  • Automated Multifluorescence Image Analysis
  • Digital and quantitative image-based PCR
  • Digital microscopes for Lab on-chip automation



  • Screening
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Rare molecule detection
  • Gene expression detection
  • Single-cell analysis
  • Pathogen detection 
  • Quality control & assurance



  • Imaging Module profile•M
  • Monochrome or colour version
  • Easy to use and free OptoViewer 2.0 software
  • Image processing 
  • PlugIns available
  • Integrated transmission illumination
  • Direct measurement without calibration
  • USB 3.0 / GigE available – Plug and Play


Advantages for you

  • Pure all in one digital microscope
  • Nano/pixel resolution with large field of view
  • High contrast and color stability
  • Repeatability of image
  • Open software architecture
  • Easy machine integration
  • Ultra compact design
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