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Leica Emspira 3 Digital Microscope
Leica Microsystems

Emspira 3 4K Bundle

December 1 - December 28th
  • Inspect with a single system for comparison, measurement, and data-sharing
  • 8:1 zoom rang with encoded zoom
  • View live images in 4K resolution
up to 42% discount
Leica Microsystems

A60 S or A60 F

December 1 - December 28

Leica Microsystems A60 F & A60 S stereo microscopes see 80% more of your sample with a 46 mm object field, comfortable access your sample due to the 122 mm working distance, and enable large surface overview and detailed observation with a magnification range from 5x to 30x.

up to 28% Discount

DLB Moisture Analyzer

Available to be ordered until dec. 15, 22

Moisture analyzer with intuitive graphic display and integrated power supply. Excellent performance for various applications, including food or drug quality assurance, harvest inspection, polluted sludge measurement, biofuel measurement, paint quality control, and cosmetics inspection.

Discount 20% Off
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