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Leica Emspira 3 Digital Microscope
Leica Microsystems

New Customer Promotion

April - june 2023

Haven’t purchased a Leica microscope in over 5 years or using a different brand?

10% Discount for purchases < $30,000
13% discount for purchases > $30,000
Leica Microsystems

ERGO Accessories Promo

April 1 - September 30

With the purchase of a fully configured M-series microscope with camera, get a discount from 30% up on one of these select Ergo accessories. 

  • Ergotube 10-50
  • Trinocular Ergotube 5-45
  • ErgoWedge 5-25
  • ErgoModule 33-121 mm
  • ErgoWedge 15 fix
  • ErgoModule 55mm M-Series
From 30% Up
Mitutoyo Logo

Precision Equipment

effective april 1 - june 30th

Mitutoyo offers a variety of handheld micrometres, callipers, gauges, dial indicators, and more through various promotional prices such as:

  • Mechanical Digit Counter Outside Micrometer (193-101): $221.45
  • Offset Mechanical Caliper (536-102): $397.58
  • Telescoping Gauge (155-121): $34.62
  • Mechanical Adjustable Main Scale Height Gauge (506-208): $434.18
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