Glove Box

Carbolite Gero offers customized glove box furnace systems for tube furnacesup to 1800°C and chamber furnaces up to 3000°C.

All furnaces are available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automated PLC control versions with mass flow controllers.

Inert gas control for furnaces included. Comprehensive safety packages for reactive furnace gases such as H2, CO, CO2, H2S, H2O, CH4 and Ethene available, other gases on request.Glove Box Furnace

High vacuum turbo pumps are available for tube furnaces up to 1450°C and chamber furnaces up to 2200°C.

The size of the glove box, the number and size of the air locks and the number of gloves suit the customer’s requirements.

The atmospheres and pressures inside the glove box are limited by the built standards of general glove box constructions. Most customers choose either nitrogen or argon in a slight over pressure for the glove box atmosphere to protect the samples from oxidation. Alternatively underpressure for personnel protection is also available.

The two most popular furnace loading concepts are:

    1. horizontal loading of the furnace chamber through the side or back wall of the glove box
    2. vertical loading of the furnace chamber with a furnace above the glove box. An automated mechanism moves the sample into the glove box.

Other loading concepts on request. Please contact us for a detailed consultation.


Glove Box Furnace

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