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Rockwell Hardness Testing Calibration Kits

Rockwell Calibration Sets contain three test blocks (low, medium, and high), an indenter, and a case. Each component can also be purchased separately and has its own part number. The calibration sets are assembled and shipped from the Wilson Test Block Calibration Laboratory. All calibration sets conform to ASTM E18; in addition, all calibration sets with a ball penetrator also conform to ISO 6508-3.

  • We work directly with the steel and brass mills to specify the chemical composition
  • Our machining processes (grinding, lapping, polishing) are all done in house, at the site of calibration.
  • 100% inspection to ensure that every single test block meets the physical requirements of ASTM (thickness, flatness, parallelism, surface roughness)
  • Rockwell test blocks support NADCAP compliance

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