CylinderInspector QuickTest

The CylinderInspector QuickTest was developed for inspecting the running surfaces of cylinders. The surface structure can be inspected with an eyepiece or a USB camera on the screen (default combination).

The CylinderInspector QuickTest is perfect for quick, random inspection during production. Designed for mobile use, a reliable companion for service engineers.

  • Centring unit for cylinder bores with variable adjustment for diameters from 70-89 mm
  • FOV [mm]: ~ 5,0 x 6,2 – 0,7 x 0.9
  • Contact surfaces coated with Teflon (Delrin) for sample protection
  • 7:1 zoom with indexed click-stops for continuously zooming and repeatable magnifications or measurements
  • Focus adjustment
  • Mount for C-Mount cameras
  • Illumination with coaxial high-power LED lighting with battery operation (incl. USB charger)
  • Optional: powerful measurement and analyzing software; eyepiece with C-mount adapter for operator check


045-200145LC Eyepiece: Eyepiece with C-mount Adapter

010-310345 Micrometre Scale: Micrometer scale of 50mm for calibration purposes

010-310345-2 Micrometer Scale Including Certificate: Micrometre scale of 50mm including certificate

050-911104 PxF Camera-Support UI: Software for supporting and pre-processing of uEye cameras

050-911107 PxF Manu-Meter: Software for interactive image measurement

050-911103 PxF CylinderInspector: Software for analyzing cylinder surfaces (e.g. honing angle, crystal count, interactive manual measurement)

050-911102 PxF Pore and Particle Analysis: Software Quantitative analysis of object populations and porosity determination according to standards

050-911118 PxF Stitch-Control: Software for interactive image stitching

CylinderInspector QuickTest With Eyepiece


CylinderInspector QuickTest with C-Mount

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