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LED2500 Integrated LED Incident & Transmitted Illumination Stand

The high-quality and compact Leica LED2500 illumination system was developed for the Leica microscopes of the S series and M series.

It combines the stand with bright incident and transmitted light; the segments can be controlled jointly or individually. The stand is easy to transport and takes up only a small amount of space.

The four predefined incident light scenarios produce different contrasts, enabling fast and convenient operation. With the transmitted light, there is uniform transmitted illumination over a large area and a targeted transmitted light function. This makes it possible to view structures with low contrast.

The built-in LEDs of theLED2500 have a high service life of up to 25,000 hours, which reduces ongoing costs.

Key Features

  • Integrated, Compact Design: Stand and incident and transmitted illumination in one unit allows easy transportation and low space requirement
  • Bright Incident Contrast: Integrated 4-point LED top light ensures a homogeneous and bright incident contrast
  • Intuitive Light Manager: Integrated, intuitive light manager touch panel allows easy adjustment to achieve the high-quality brightness level
  • Integrated 5-Volt USB Power Supply: The simple power supply for digital cameras from Leica Microsystems or the Leica microscopes of the DMS series
  • Transmitted Light Function: Different transmitted light functions make it possible to achieve exactly the right contrast gain
  • Fast Setting Changes: 4 preset incident illumination sequences provides a variety of contrast and illumination techniques for fast setting changes compared with a cold light solution




User Manual

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