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Extend the lifespan of your instruments

If your microscope or other scientific instrument is serviced regularly, it has a much better opportunity to remain in optimal condition and continue to deliver excellent results. Our certified preventative maintenance service is available for on-demand repairs or as a full-service contract. We will work with you to create a maintenance strategy that is customized to your needs.

Our Preventative Maintenance/Service can include:

  • Pre-cleaning evaluation and inspection
  • Major strip down of instrument
  • Cleaning and minor alignment of optical components
  • Lubrication, adjustment and alignment of mechanical components
  • Calibration check where necessary
  • Minor repairs where necessary
  • Affix Service Label (see below #1 for detailed label information) with service date and due date for next service,
  • Affix Serial Number Label (see below #2 for detailed label information) and create Technical Service Report
  • Post evaluation and inspection with any deficiencies or major repairs documented and explained to the client


  1. The Service Label tagged to each instrument identifies the date of service, next recommended date of service due, calibration code, instrument serial number and the Technician who completed work. Note: All stickers are clean room compatible.
  2. The Serial Number Label tagged to each instrument enables quick reference to a full record of all components and work completed to that Microscope. This information is recorded in a main database so that we have a complete record and history on each individual instrument. This gives us the ability to supply correct parts, replacement lamps, upgrades and possibly identify problems and solve them over the phone with much greater speed, efficiency and at the same time, keeping costs down. Note: All stickers are clean room compatible.
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