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There Is More to Opti-Tech Than Meets The Eye

The same, however, can be said about microscopes. 

There is an undeniable curiosity in humankind; we see it in our everyday lives. Whether it is as simple as finding out where a new road would lead, as massive as attempting to understand the effect of a black hole in the universe, or even the nanoworld, otherwise hidden by our limited vision. While we explore new locations and stare up at the sky to understand the great cosmos, we can’t help but wonder about the details we overlook, due to the shortcomings of natural human sight. 

By exploring the micro world, we propelled humankind into a new era. From as early as the 1600s, we continuously developed tools to assist us in seeing smaller and smaller objects. We learned about the existence of bacteria and viruses, the multiple layers of ordinary objects, and the discovery of the indestructible tardigrade, better known as the ‘water bear’. These remarkable discoveries were only possible due to the researchers, scientists, and everyday explorers having access to the right tools. 

The indestructible tardigrade!

That is where we come in, as your trusted Leica dealer since 1989. To be a trusted dealer, one must truly understand the product. We understand microscopy, and to get you started on your journey into the microworld, we decided to put this guide together for your convenience. 

A brief guide to scientific equipment and microscopy

In its most basic form, a microscope consists of a tube and two lenses at opposite ends of that tube. The length of the tube and the changes in lens type assist one in seeing objects closer than is naturally possible. 

Zacharias Janssen and Hans Lipperhey conceptualized the first microscope. However, some people believe that the true father of microscopy was Anton van Leeuwenhoek, when he began polishing and grinding lenses to increase the size of an image. Whether you are a fan of the former or latter, it is important to note that since the 16th century, very little has changed in the world of microscopy. Yes, our microscopes of today are far more powerful than anything put together in that century. However, the concept of placing different types and sizes of lenses in opposite ends of a tube remains the same. The tube changed, so too did the lenses, but it wasn’t reinvented – only improved upon, in every advancement of the microscope. 

In the last year alone, we discovered new and exciting ways to see more, delve deeper, and indulge in the experience of the universe at our fingertips. It is important to note that this information remains true of the standard microscope. This general knowledge does not apply to the phenomenal electron microscope, the atomic force microscope, or the recently invented reflective matrix microscope which can see through an intact skull. We promise to explore these types of microscopes further. 

For now, we will focus on the standard kind – only because as interesting as the electron microscope may be, you cannot use the device on live samples – again, more on that to come in our future blog posts. 

As hardware and software amalgamate, our ability to see and interact with the nanoworld continues to improve. We now use the tools first built solely for observation to manufacture miniature robots with profound uses. In addition, we found the causes of many diseases and ailments in bacteria and viruses, and as the pandemic proves, these tools were at the forefront of combatting Covid-19. While we have long surpassed simple observation, as fun as it can be, our interaction with the nano realm is key to our survival. 

Surviving, however, is not just about battling problematic viruses or tech creation. It can be about earning a living as a gemmologist or as a cleanliness expert. It can be to uphold the law, just like on an episode of CSI, and it can most certainly be a student’s desire to learn just a bit more.

Of course, with such a responsibility placed on our researchers, our scientists, and our leaders of tomorrow, it is up to us to ensure that our champions have the correct tools at their disposal. It doesn’t stop there, but as history reminds us every so often, that even a casual observer can make a life-changing difference. 

The role of Opti-Tech

At Opti-Tech, we pride ourselves on delivering according to the most requests, as we understand that the value of your work depends on reliable and excellent equipment. 

This is why we offer the latest innovations with leading-edge technologies, on-site instrument installations, and even operator training and image optimization. Regardless of your usage, we apply a dedicated approach to ensure that you get the best possible solution and support so that you’re fully prepared from the start. 

We are distributors of a wide range of specialized equipment to further your goals. For instance, our partnership with Carbolite Gero ensures that you have access to furnaces and ovens for any and all Heat treating processes projects. We customize designs specific to your needs, over and above vacuum, chamber, and tube furnaces. 

Buehler plays a significant role as the leading manufacturer of metallographic testing equipment, and it is their experience, knowledge, and their promise of quality that has led to our partnership. Within the field of metallography in Canada, we, at Opti-Tech, are the official distributors of consumables, sectioning, mounting products, grinding, and polishing products, among others.

Beyond microscopy, of which we are well known, we delve into the realm of metrology, with us stocking equipment from leading brands such as Mitutoyo, VisionX, and Leica. We can help you achieve the accuracy in the results that you require. 

Opti-Tech distributes Wilson hardness testers, and as you know, Wilson’s calibration laboratory is recognized as the global leader in the production of premium ISO test blocks and indenters. So again, Opti-Tech partners only with the world’s best to provide you with all your needs. 

Whether you seek balances or refractometers, we have the right partners on hand to meet the most stringent orders. 

Our role is a simple one – we are purveyors of science, curiosity, and the advancement of humankind. We recognize that our leaders, and our scientists of today and tomorrow require instruments that they can trust. In these fields, the slightest error can lead to devastating results. We take every precaution to deliver you with tools that provide reliable, accurate results constantly.

Known for our after-sales service and our wealth of knowledge, we believe that the future of our planet is in the hands of those who are motivated by curiosity; while you may not be at the forefront of vaccination creation, you could just as well be analyzing space rocks for a future home. You could be solving crimes or even applying your talents to ensure spaces are remarkably clean – there is a solution for you, a specialist to guide you, and most certainly, a level of detail yet to explore. 

We provide you with all you need on your journey to greatness. And as your journey continues, your interests expand, so too does our inventory. We may be known as a leading dealer of microscopy equipment, but our product range provides you with even more than that. For a full list of all we have to offer, visit our products page here

If there is something else that you require, something to give you an edge, please feel free to reach out to us, and in true Opti-Tech style, we will either source the product for you or point you in the right direction. 

We are more than a dealer or a supplier. We are your partner, and it is a role we are proud to uphold. 
We are Opti-Tech

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