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Consumables & Accessories

A full range of metallographic consumable products and accessories for material preparation and analysis including abrasive and precision saws, blades, and vices for cutting any material.

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Sectioning Coolants

Our cutting fluid coolants and lubricants include water miscible and oil based coolants. We also carry cleaning agents, additives for coolants to prevent corrosion, and clear pastes for cutter windows to improve visibility.

Diamond and CBN Blades

Diamond blades & CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) cutting blades are the preferred blade type when delicate and precise sectioning is needed. Diamond & CBN blades also perform better than traditional abrasive blades when cutting certain materials, especially very hard materials.

Abrasive Blades

Abrasive cutting is the most common method of sectioning to achieve a clean and efficient cut. Buehler’s abrasive blades are designed to provide high quality sectioning results with no burning and minimal surface deformation.

Flange Sets

Flange sets support Diamond, CBN, and abrasive blades when using the IsoMet saw line. Choose the best diameter size flange depending on the size and type of material. Our precision cutter flange sets support Diamond and CBN blades.

Precision Vises & Chucks

Often times, the samples being cut are not standard shapes and a unique clamping solution is required. Buehler’s precision vises offer solutions for varying shapes and sizes to allow for precise and consistent cut locations.

Abrasive Vises

Vising is a critical component to efficient sectioning. Buehler’s abrasive vise offering for abrasive cutting machines provides reliable and versatile clamping options that ensure the sample is secure and properly presented for sectioning.
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