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Leica DVM 6
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Who we are Opti-Tech Scientific
Who We Are

Opti-Tech Scientific is a solution-based company providing uncompromising support via a sales team with unsurpassed product expertise combined with state of the art instrument from leading manufacturers from Japan, Europe and North America.

Why choose Opti-Tech Scientific
Why Choose Us

Opti-Tech Scientific offers’ latest innovations with leading edge technologies, on site instruments installation, operator training and image optimization instruction to get you up and running quickly.

Our Latest Innovations

At Opti-tech, we live on the leading edge. Find out what’s new around here, from the latest solutions to the newest technologies.
The Latest News from Opti-Tech
Leica DM Polarization Microscope Trio
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The History of Microscopy

Since first invented, the microscope has become a universal tool. We’ve come a long way from the history of microscopy, what does the future hold? What are a few innovations to keep your eye out for?

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Woman looking into Microscope with Opti-Tech logo

There Is More to Opti-Tech Than Meets The Eye

The same, however, can be said about microscopes. 

There is an undeniable curiosity in humankind; we see it in our everyday lives. Whether it is as simple as finding out where a new road would lead, as massive as attempting to understand the effect of a black hole in the universe, or even the nanoworld, otherwise hidden by our limited vision.

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Opti-Tech Scientific COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Update #2

To Our Valued Customers, Opti-Tech Scientific Inc. and Howells Instrument Co. are still operating and open to support key essential businesses and organizations across Canada.

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Opti-Tech Scientific COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Update

Valued Customers and Suppliers, We wanted to give you an update on Opti-Tech Scientific’s / Howells Instrument’s Status. These are unprecedented times ahead of us

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